Client: Lwooo
Website: lwooo.com
Services: Mobile App Design


Lwooo gives it’s users deals to various shops and services on the spot. All offers are suggested based on real time location, and is valid only for very short period of time.

For example: Nick is travelling in New York, and he gets a notification from Lwooo that there is coffee shop nearby that offers 30% discount on everything if he gets there in 30 minutes.

Lwooo solves problems for both sides: consumers and businesses. Firstly it can help people to safe money, get to know city better and also to meet new people, and secondly this app helps businesses to get new customers when they need them the most.

A bar doesn’t need new customers on a weekend evening, but they could really use some new customers on Monday afternoon and our app gives them the opportunity to get those new customers.

*This interface was designed at the early stage of iOS 7 and I didn’t own any iPhone yet at that time, still a BlackBerry user. Only rely on the interface guidelines and some samples on the internet.