The Brief

Gamers’ Grid is the ultimate networking platform for gamers. Gamers are able to use our platform to find new players to play with, but not just any players like they would in a regular game server or a forum board. They are able to find the right players they want to play with. With Gamers Grid players never have to worry about playing alone regardless of what they play, how they play or when they play.

The Problem

There are billions of players in the world playing video games and the majority of games played have a social environment, requiring teamwork and communication for success. This has left a void because it’s not easy to find people you get along with to play together. Sure, when the new Call of Duty game comes out, all your friends go to buy it and play it relentlessly every day, but then life calls and all of a sudden your friends stop playing one after the other. Leaving you to play alone with strangers that don’t cooperate and fail to communicate. Gamers Grid is more than just a Gamer Finder it’s a way for people to make long lasting connections

The Goals

This platform lets users to:

  • Meet new gamers
  • Keep up with their friends
  • Schedule gaming events
  • Build teams to compete against others.

The Solution and Redesign

There are few things that we want to focus here:

  • Redesign the logo

The new logo using an isometric style.

  • Refresh the User Interface

Still using the same tone, we’re trying to refresh the look to keep it relevant with the current design style.

  • Rearrange the UX for the navigation.

There are few navigations hidden in the left drawer/hamburger icon, and we’re trying to make it even more visible for the user.

  • Realign the flow for the questionnaire.

Questionnaire are now collected within 1 view.