The Brief

Happy5 is the most human HR software. It’s a fun, easy and honest mobile application that your employees love to use daily. Happy5 helps measure a company’s happiness health. Daily. Because once a year engagement survey lacks accuracy and actionable insights. Happy5 provides social employee intelligence. By showing the most influential leaders/mentors and employees closest network dynamically. Happy5 promotes appreciation and selfless culture, where every employee can receive work recognition from their peers on a daily basis. Because once a year performance review is far from sufficient to increase employee motivation daily. This app also helps to surface the company’s hidden gems (real contributors, talented employees who are under the radar). Happy5 helps build a better conversation between management to employees, employees to management and employees to employees. By deploying an easy to use mobile platform that lets employees socially interact, share information, give their voice, as well as recognize peer contributions. Happy5 is designed for the way people communicate today – through mobile devices and its fun apps. Happy5 create the HR app that employees (including management) actually want to use on a daily basis.

The Problem

For a company with more than (let’s say) 1.000 employees working, it’s quite hard for HR and employers to manage and taking care of that many humans. However, the bigger the company, the higher HR responsibility. HR need to keeping up with what’s going on around the company.

The Goals

HR & employers can’t only rely on their own human resources team. They need a system that will help them measure and get notified when something needs to be taken care of inside the company. The system needs to be able to:

  • Tell HR and employers what’s going on or what activities happening inside the company.
  • Tell HR and employers what’s going on or what activities happening in every department inside the company.
  • Help HR and employers get a polling result.
  • Let HR and employers know how employees feel.
  • Let employees share their feelings to everyone or selected audience.
  • Each person can give a recognition to their coworkers.

The Solution and Redesign

When I join Happy5, they already have the app, but it needs to be redesigned, especially the navigation section. The issue mainly came from the navigation side, so my primary task was redesigning the navigation and the experience affected by it, with some tweaks here and there on the icon section. The navigation still using hamburger icon/drawer, hiding some excellent features that Happy5 has. So we start with the navigation first.

With the limitation from each platform, we prioritize the navigation into 5 for the bottom part. These 5 primary navigations are:

  1. Timeline (Home)
  2. Notification
  3. Content Creation (post something like photo, thoughts, polling, etc)
  4. Group List
  5. More (settings and other access)

We also put some access on the top navigation, inside the header:

  1. Profile
  2. Search (post/coworkers/tags)
  3. Chat

Then, on ”Share Feeling” features, we redesign the flow as well as the visual part of the feeling itself.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the document anymore other than what presented above, because my MacBook just got stolen, along with 2TB of external HDD, so I cannot present any other detailed interface and experience. And if you see the current visual design of the Happy5 app, mostly are changed, but most parts remain there.


If you’re interested, go give them a shout and try.